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Archive for November, 2019

Common Natural Flavors and Their Health Effects

iStock.com/Kwangmoozaa Meanwhile, there are some that are sources of concern based on what we do know. Here are some of the most common natural flavors and their known health risks. Diacetyl This one is best known as natural butter flavoring. Unfortunately, when you consume diacetyl, you may be in for more than buttery fingers. A condition sometimes referred to as “popcorn lung” has been shown to affect workers in microwave popcorn factories. According to the CDC, studies have found an association between exposure to diacetyl vapor over time in microwave popcorn facilities and workers developing abnormal lung function and shortness of breath. Animal studies have further linked diacetyl toxicity to airway damage. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Probably best known for being…

New Research Findings: Lower Chance of Opioid Use Among Chiropractic Users

  The National Post published an article on October 24, that supports the beneficial role chiropractic care can play in lessening opioid use among those suffering from spinal pain. The study, “Association Between Chiropractic Use and Opioid Receipt Among Patients with Spinal Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis ” published in Pain Medicine, indicates that  chronic spinal pain patients who use chiropractic services are 64 percent less likely to use opioids than those who do not. The OCA strongly believes that chiropractors can have a positive impact on lessening the crisis of opioid dependence and improve the lives of Ontarians. The OCA thinks chiropractors are uniquely skilled to assess, diagnose and treat pain, rather than using opioids. In July 2019, we…

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