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Archive for October, 2018

10 Tips for Proper Posture in Adults

FOR OLDER Good posture delivers increased energy, better breathing, improved circulation, and less wear-and-tear on your joints. If your spine is not properly aligned, your muscles and ligaments have to work harder to keep you upright and this can result in strain and pain. Try incorporating these simple tips into your daily routine and talk to your healthcare provider about other ways to keep your spine aligned and your aches and pains at a minimum. 1. Place a small towel or pillow in the curve of your lower spine to provide additional support for the low back when sitting. 2.When sitting, make sure that both feet are flat on the floor. 3. Sleep on your back or side rather than…

Broccoli Sprouts and their Medicinal Power

This month we are moving beyond “awareness” of breast cancer to taking action – beyond mammograms and ribbon displays. Because, really, they don’t stop breast cancer. Last week I shared with you the power of pomegranates (if you missed it, look up the previous email from us). This week, let’s cover broccoli sprouts and their medicinal power. Plus, I have a brand new recipe for you – the Broccoli Sprout Shot (see below). Many people assume that broccoli sprouts are the same as broccoli. Yes, they are the “baby” version of a full broccoli head, but nutritionally, they contain a few compounds in vastly higher amounts than mature broccoli, namely: Sulforaphane Best known as the “cancer cell killer”. Broccoli sprouts…

7 tips to keep kids’ backs healthy

We all worry about our kids’ health. Cold and flu, cuts and bruises are all normal parts of childhood that we stay on top of. But how often do you think about your child’s back health? Research shows that more than half of younger Canadians experience at least one episode of low back pain by their teenage years. (I remember once in high school carrying the vacuum cleaner down the stairs and experiencing such terrible and sudden back pain that it took an hour before I could even stand up again. I wish I had listened to what I had been taught about proper lifting!) There are a number of factors that can affect children’s back health, and fortunately we…

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