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Archive for January, 2016

Boost your Workout Results

1. Exercise on a schedule If exercise is a priority it gets scheduled first and everything else gets booked around it. A morning workout is good because it kick starts your metabolism, while afternoon exercise helps dissolve your stress from the day. 2. Pop protein after you work out When you exercise, your muscles get stressed and start to breakdown, which is a good thing. But if you don’t give them the raw materials they need to recover, they’ll break down more that you can build them up. The fix? Protein helps your body repair protein structures. A protein smoothie, roasted pumpkin seeds are a few things to eat after your work out. 3. Hydrate If you’re planning to work…

How Diabetes Can Affect your Feet

Diabetes is a systemic condition that can immensely affect people’s feet. If blood glucose levels are not controlled, people’s nervous systems can be irreversibly damaged. The increase in blood glucose levels that cause nerve damage is called diabetic neuropathy, the first signs being tingling experience burning, tingling or numbing sensation in your feet. Unfortunately, diabetic neuropathy is a progressive condition and people eventually lose all protective sensation in their feet. This condition prevents our bodies from sending nerve impulses from our foot to our brain when we experience a foot injury. Foot injuries can be caused by improper nail clipping, stepping on a nail, or irregular foot pressure caused by irregular biomechanics and gait. Since your feet absorb 3 times…

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