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Archive for August, 2014


Juicing is a great way to stimulate and encourage your entire body system to eliminate toxins and to supply your body with potent, easy to use nutrients (including antioxidants that fight disease). The powerful nutrient boost fresh juices provide make juicing on a regular basis an excellent part of any health routine. Aim to consume your fresh juice within ½ hour of making – once the juice is exposed to air it begins to lose its beneficial effects due to oxidization. Try making your own ‘greens’ drink to start your summer mornings off on the right foot; Greens Drink (taken from Michael Murray N.D., Therapeutic Juices) •Handful of parsley/wheatgrass •2 kale leaves •2 Granny Smith apples (cut into wedges) •Handful…

Baking Tip for Wheat Flour Alternatives

Wheat (which contains gluten) is an acidic food that is over consumed in today’s Western diet. Below are a few alternatives to decrease your intake of gluten in order to avoid certain digestive upsets and illness in your future. Flour Comments Nutritional Qualities Flour equivalent to 1 cup white/ whole wheat flour *Amaranth flour •strong, distinctive flavour •best combined w/ other flours that contain gluten or have more cohesion (arrowroot, tapioca, bean) •add to baked goods, pancakes/waffle recipes gluten-free 1 cup *Brown rice flour •yields a sweeter, smoother bread •use w/ other flours, use 20% of brown rice flour in recipe gluten-free Buckwheat flour •makes a dark, heavy bread •use w/ rice flour the kernels contain an outer hull which…

Bend At Your Best

Yoga has been proven to significantly improve your mental and physical well being. Besides the toning, posture, and relaxation effects, the flexibility benefits are significant. The increase in flexibility helps oxygen flow to the joints, which becomes more and more important with age. Stretching regularly can help offset the debilitating effects of aging, help avoid stiff joints and keep muscles strong. Yoga is also a means of synchronizing the mind and body. The meditation component creates an emotional balance, generates calmness and creates a positive outlook. Ideally yoga and/or stretching should be practiced for at least 15 minutes per day to reap the benefits desired. It is important not to strain, but to keep the stretch comfortable while challenging, and…

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