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Archive for October, 2012


We’ve all heard of them and as a result eat more yogurt, and we call them by different names (bifidobacterium, lactobacilli, acidophilus) however what are some of the real benefits of consuming these tiny microorganisms? Beneficial Bacteria have a number of fabulous actions on our bodies that many may be unaware of. These include: boosting the immune system, helping us resist infection colon cancer prevention alleviating diarrhea reducing cholesterol and triglycerides breaking down hormones including estrogen stimulate metabolic rate thus aiding in weight loss assisting in the absorption of food and the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper

Supposed to Be

In every discipline we have the comparison effect. We compare our experience with others and develop an idealistic way of thinking within ourselves; a falsified image of what we think we should be. We train, we strive, we achieve but then we compare. An inevitable consequence of the desire to succeed. How do you rank amongst your peers? How are you evaluated by that voice in your head that tells you where you should be? Maybe we get sidetracked. Maybe we jump ship only to find ourselves always reaching for something beyond ourselves. We cannot be like the ones who taught us, and we can not be like the ones that taught them. All we can be is ourselves. Comparisons…

Antibiotics…Effective or Not?

With flu season approaching, it’s very common for antibiotics to be prescribed to clear up infections of all sorts. But how do antibiotics effect the functioning of our immune systems and how can we protect ourselves from the complications that can occur from frequent antibiotic use? Antibiotic Facts: When taken, antibiotics destroy approximately one hundred, thousand BILLION beneficial bacteria Once an antibiotic round has been completed, it often takes months for the ‘good’ bacteria to replenish creating an opportunity for fungi and bacteria to proliferate and/or a secondary infection to take hold Antibiotic Side Effects: Diarrhea, fungal infections, yeast infections, gastritis and illness due to a lowered immune system While antibiotics are sometimes the only way to deal with an…

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