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Archive for December, 2011

Foods to Decrease Lingering Winter Head Congestion

As the winter drags on colds and flu can leave lingering head congestion that is difficult to get rid of. However there are foods that, when avoided, aid in relieving nasal congestion and phlegm build up. By reducing head congestion, our immune system is able to better fight infection. Aim to MINIMIZE/AVOID the following foods as we near winters end to enhance the immune system and ready our bodies for spring. dairy cold foods (ice cream is a BAD culprit!) raw foods (opt for steamed veggies instead of raw) highly sweet foods hydrogenated fats peanuts foods with concentrated sweeteners (ie frozen juices) tofu highly processed foods (meats, cheeses, canned foods, foods out of the box, microwaveables) pineapple  

Want Energy? Get Chiropractic!

If you feel your get-up-and-go has gone, consider that perhaps your spine is out of alignment. Alignment is needed in order to make efficient use of energy. When your chiropractor corrects a mechanical distortion with a spine adjustment, nerve system energy is normalized. The vital energy that runs your body comes from the brain, travels through the nerves, and gives vitality to your body. The objective of chiropractic is to support your body in doing what it is supposed to do. Pain also zaps energy. It interferes with getting a good night’s sleep and this is the time that your body needs to regenerate and reenergize. Chiropractic care deals with the pain and allows people to experience renewed energy. Emotional…

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