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Archive for November, 2011

Chiropractic Tip of the Month:

Your waist size, not what you weigh on the bathroom scales, is a better determinant of your risk for obesity related health problems. Belly fat is much more dangerous to your health than fat carried elsewhere on your body. Here are simple ideas that will help you in winning the waist war: Fact 1: Did you know that 100 calories a day is about all the difference there is between being obese and being the weight you should be? It is fairly pain free to drop 100 calories per day. The trick is to accept this as the plan for the rest of your life. Fact 2: By walking an additional 30 minutes each day, you can build more fat-burning…

What to expect during your first visit to your chiropractor:

A. Time to talk about your health issues, pain being experienced, family history, dietary habits, your job and life situation, and treatment you are presently receiving from other health care providers. B. A thorough examination pertinent to your situation, which could include x-rays, lab analysis or other procedures. You can also expect an examination and analysis of your spine to detect any structural abnormalities which could be affecting your health. C. Chiropractic care may be recommended. Your chiropractor will provide a diagnosis based on the testing and examination. Depending on this diagnosis you many need a spinal “adjustment”, which is the specific manipulation of vertebrae which may not be functioning normally. The adjustment is usually given by hand or by…

Your Spine – Your Connection to Life

Your life depends on the nerve connections made to all parts of the body through the spine. A misaligned vertebrae (a subluxation) can have a direct effect on the functioning of your body by impeding proper nerve flow. Getting and maintaining a properly aligned spine will allow impulses to travel freely along the spinal cord to all organs. Chiropractic care can help with this process to maintain optimum wellness, and to restore your health when needed.  To book a spinal check please call the clinic at 416.815.9595.  

We strive with excellence to overcome injury, achieve optimal
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