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Category: Chiropractic Tips

Posted on July 25th, 2017

Let’s face it. Between dropping the kids off to soccer practice and being swamped with work assignments, it can be difficult to find time to manage lingering aches and pain. If you’d like to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office or spending money on workout equipment, here is a low cost approach to solving discomfort using items lying around your house. Golf Balls It turns out that these petite dimpled balls can be used for more than a game-winning putt. Just roll the ball under your foot while seated to help relieve tension in sore feet. Tennis Balls Standing against a wall, place a tennis ball between your back and the wall. Slowly move up and down or side…

Posted on June 20th, 2017

Concussions are called an ‘invisible injury’ because its symptoms aren’t always easy to recognize and even MRI imaging isn’t perfect at identifying a concussion. But with this kind of brain trauma, the effects are all too real. According to Scientific American, one blow to the head may increase your risk of a mental health disorder. We’ll cover some steps you can take to reduce your chances of suffering long term effects after a hard hit. What is a Concussion? A concussion is traumatic brain injury caused when the brain is shaken inside the skull, which can cause damage to blood vessels in the brain or even injury to the brain tissue itself. All it takes is a hard tumble on…

Stretches for reducing Stress
Posted on May 23rd, 2017

Small doses of stress help us rise to challenges by making us more alert, focused and energetic. But trying to balance our personal and professional lives sometimes throws things out of sync and causes negative symptoms such as aches, pains and stiffness. Research has shown that people in high-stress environments experience chronic shortening of neck and shoulder muscles from holding their bodies tensely. Free your body of stress with these easy stretches: Neck release Begin sitting tall with your back and neck straight. Slowly tilt your head towards your left shoulder hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat on the right. Shoulder rolls Stand with your arms hanging limp at your sides. Slowly trace large circles with your shoulders by…

Posted on May 9th, 2017

Not only can those brand new high-heeled shoes cause pain in your feet, they can cause low back pain as well. In fact, poor footwear can cause difficulties in the feet, knees, hips, low back and all the way up the spine. Generally, the best shoes for your body are relatively flat and provide adequate support. Try these tips to reduce the pain on those high-heels days. Shopping for shoes Shop in the afternoon or evening, as your feet tend to accumulate fluid and swell throughout the day. Choosing a shoe Choose a heel height that you can walk in gracefully. The effect of a high heel is easily negated by a clumsy walk. Try to choose a shoe with…

Plant and Rake Without the Ache

Gardening is a great way to stay active and have fun in the sun. But many Canadians sustain injuries that can be easily prevented with a little know-how. The right moves Use the right moves to lighten the load on your back. Kneel, don’t bend, to plant. Change your body position often. Take frequent breaks. Alternate between light and heavy chores. Drink lots of water. And most importantly, loosen-up before you start out. Warm up Before you begin any physical activity, warming up is a key factor in preventing injury. Take a walk, even on the spot. Ten to 15 minutes should do it. Don’t forget to lift your knees and gently swing your arms. Stretch before you start To…

7 ways to combat Heavy Purse Syndrome

A heavy purse can cause some major issues. According to the Ontario Chiropractic Association, a heavy purse carried on one shoulder forces the muscle and spine to compensate for uneven weight. This results in unnecessary strain on the body and cause a host of different issues like poor posture, headaches, muscle strain, neck and arm pain and sometimes even nerve damage. Unfortunately, these issues can become chronic and impact quality of life. Who knew your purse could do this much damage? According to Health Canada, 85% of Canadians will suffer from back pain in their working lifetime. Thankfully, Ontario Chiropractors have some helpful strategies to combat heavy purse syndrome so your health isn’t impacted and you can still bring your life with…

Text Neck…

Our modern digital age has brought us many conveniences. BlackBerry devices, iPhones, tablets and e-readers allow us to communicate and be entertained with the push of a button. Technology can improve our quality of life, but it comes with a price: being huddled over devices for long period of times can do more harm than good. Using certain devices for extended periods of time can easily lead to neck strain, headaches, and pain in the shoulders, arms and hands. Anyone who has used a cellphone or tablet for an extensive amount of time has probably experienced the peculiar strain it puts on your upper body. These conditions even have their own name now: Text Neck. Here are some simple strategies to…

Chiropractic Tip of the Month: Acupuncture and Stress

  At one time or another, all of us experience stress. These feelings are a healthy response to events in our lives that may feel beyond our control. When we are healthy and the stress is short-lived, we are usually able to recover without too much wear and tear to our overall health. However when the stress is extreme, or if it lasts a long time, our emotional health and ultimately, our physical health begin to suffer. In Chinese medicine stress, anxiety or any other strong emotion interrupts the smooth flow and energy throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, energy flows through a network of pathways. Stress, anger, or any intense motion blocks the free flow of energy in the…

Chiropractic Tip of the Month: Outsmart the Flu and Colds

  Cold and flu viruses can live longer in cold and dry conditions and are more easily passed around during the winter months. Ensuring a healthy immune system is your best defence. Be happy! Research shows that people with high positive emotion scores produce a protein, called cytokine, that boosts other immune cells in fighting off infections.   People who exercise frequently and regularly don’t get sick nearly as often as those who are less active. Exercise seems to increase your body’s production of immune cells.   The probiotics found in yoghurt and in capsule form may promote a healthier immune system and result in fewer sick days.   Regularly eating brightly coloured fruits and vegetables can really boost immunity….

Let’s Exhale

Now that we’ve all survived another holiday season, let’s exhale and welcome the new year. Here are the top 10 benefits to practicing deep breathing on a regular basis: 1. Detoxify and release toxins. 2. Release tension. 3. Improve posture. 4. Improve energy. 5. Improve stamina. 6. Can assist with weight control. 7. Elevate mood. 8. Deepen relaxation. 9. Deepen meditation. 10. Free to do and very costly not to do.

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